Pale-eyed Thrush Turdus leucops

  • © Andy Jones

The Pale-eyed Thrush is a poorly known bird, principally of wet, montane Andean regions, where it is seemingly rather uncommon and locally distributed. It is found in northern, western, and southeastern Venezuela, as well as in northern Brazil, and from southern Colombia to northern Bolivia. Males are entirely black, with an obviously pale eye, and a yellow bill and legs, whereas females are dark grayish brown, becoming slightly paler over the underparts, also with a pale (gray-brown) eye, a dark bill, and dull yellow legs. This thrush sometimes gathers in small flocks at fruiting trees, where it is largely arboreal, but the species is usually furtive and not easily observed. Nesting behavior is poorly described. The species’ song often includes bouts of mimicry of other bird species, perhaps leading it to be even less frequently recorded?

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