Pacific Parakeet Psittacara strenuus

  • © Alex Navarro

Formerly regarded as a subspecies of the smaller and smaller-billed Green Parakeet (Aratinga holochlora), the Pacific Parakeet is the largest member of its genus over much of the species’ range. It distribution encompasses southern Mexico to northern Nicaragua along the Pacific slope of Middle America, and it is found locally to at least 2600 m, although the Pacific Parakeet is mainly a bird of the lowlands. The Pacific Parakeet’s plumage is principally olivaceous green, becoming slightly more yellowish on the underparts, and over the underwing and undertail. A few flecks of red feathers are irregularly scattered over the head and neck. The species is found in a variety of forest types, including swampy areas, and probably performs local movements in response to food availability.

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