Ochre-breasted Foliage-gleaner Anabacerthia lichtensteini

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Endemic to the Atlantic Forest region, where it ranges from southeast Brazil south to eastern Paraguay and extreme northeast Argentina, the Ochre-breasted Foliage-gleaner is easily confused with the nominate subspecies of the usually more numerous Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaner (Philydor rufum), which often shares the same forests as the present species. In comparison to the latter, the Ochre-breasted Foliage-gleaner lacks the striking buff forehead, any gray feathering on the nape and mantle (making the upperparts appear much more uniform), and has a rather shorter bill, which is in fact the shortest of any Philydor. Their songs also differ. It is usually found at slightly lower elevations than the Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaner, but there is extensive overlap between them, and the two species can be found in the same mixed-species flocks.

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