Nazca Booby Sula granti



Geographic Variation

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The Nazca booby is one of the six species in the genus Sula. Phylogenetic analyses places Sula dactylatra (Masked booby) as the sister group of Sula granti and have calculated an estimated divergence of ~500.000 years (Patterson et al., 2011; Friesen et al., 2002). It was initially considered as a subspecies of S. dactylatra (localized at the Nazca Plate), but phylogenetic and population genetic studies using haplotypes of cytochrome-b showed strong geographic structuring and a considerable percentage of sequence divergence (approximately 2.8% my-1) between Masked boobies and Nazca bobbies, apparently without physical barriers to gene flow, suggesting they are different species (Friesen et al., 2002).

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