Nazca Booby Sula granti

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The Nazca Booby is part of the Masked Booby superspecies and is often consider a subspecies of the latter. However, recent molecular studies have establisched it as a separate species.  The main differentiation from the Masked Booby, besides its breeding range, is bill color, with the Nazca Booby having a deep red bill and the Masked Booby a yellow bill. The Nazca Booby breeds primarily on the Galapagos and Malpelo Archipelagos but can be rarely found offshore from mainland South America, with small breeding populations in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian coasts as well as in the Pacific Coast of Central America. Its status in the region is uncertain due to confusion with very similar Masked Booby which is a regular visitor of the offshore waters of South America’s Pacific Coast.

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