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Mountain Trogon Trogon mexicanus

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Endemic to highland forests of northern Central America, predominantly in western Mexico, Mountain Trogon is a common resident from 1,200 to 3,500m. Males are metallic green above, with red orbital skin, a black mask and throat, yellow bill, and wing panels with black and white vermiculation, appearing gray. The green upper breast is separated from the bright red belly and undertail coverts by a white breast band. Females are brown overall, with a narrow black tip on a rufous uppertail, a dark maxilla, white breast band, and a red lower belly and ventral area. Both sexes have predominantly dark undertails with significant white markings: males have broad white tips to each pair of stepped rectrices while females show similar but less pronounced white tips and have white barring in the outer webs. Males are distinguished from the sympatric Elegant Trogon by the undertail pattern and lack of copper iridescence in the uppertail. Femlaes lack the obvious post-ocular stripe of female Elegant Trogons and have a narrower black tail tip.

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