Melodious Blackbird Dives dives


The Melodious Blackbird is a rather unique and vociferous all black icterid of Mexico and Central America. It has a relatively thick and long bill, but most noticeable is that the legs and feet look a size too big on this mid-sized blackbird. Pairs appear to be year-round territorial and they likely keep their pair bond for multiple seasons. Melodious Blackbirds pairs perform a unique duetting display where they sing to each other while bobbing up and down as if doing push-ups. The most distinct and easy to recognize note in their song display is a loud “Whit –Tcheeewwww!” that reminds one of a call of a Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis), although much louder and more emphatic. Melodious Blackbirds are tolerant of various habitats, they are found throughout although not in dense or closed forest. They do well in agricultural areas with abundant shade trees or shrub nearby, and are particularly fond of gardens and open areas adjacent to forest. Perhaps originally it was a species of early successional habitats. Melodious Blackbirds forage on the ground, and like the related grackles, they have a fondness for foraging on grass lawns. In the evening, they join up in group-roosts as is typical in many blackbirds.

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