Magnolia Warbler Setophaga magnolia



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Adult male

Small-billed, long-tailed warbler. Adult males have distinctive black streaking that radiates from a black neck band creating a necklaced look. White undertail coverts and black-tipped tail are diagnostic at all ages.

Female/immature male

Small-billed, long-tailed warbler. Females/immatures have a gray head, a faint gray band across the neck, and 2 narrow white wingbars.

Adult female

Adult females do not have as strong of a black mask and lack the black back seen on adult males, though some females show darker necklace stripes like a male. Adult females are often paler overall with thinner wingbars.

Female/immature male

Females/immatures have less black on the back and fainter streaking on the flanks and chest.

Adult male

Adult males have a black patch on the back, a wide white wing patch, and a black mask.

Female/immature male

White undertail coverts and black-tipped tail are diagnostic at all ages. Females/immatures have a gray head and faint gray band across the neck.

Adult male

Adult males are bright yellow below with obvious black streaking on the chest and flanks as well as a black mask and black back.


Found in dense stands of all ages during migration. Breeds in areas with young evergreen trees.

Recommended Citation

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