Lucy's Warbler Oreothlypis luciae


One of the few dull plumaged members of its family, the dainty (12 cm length) Lucy’s Warbler is grey above, creamy white below, and accented with a bit of deep red on the crown and rump. It nests from the Big Bend Region of west Texas and adjacent Chihuahua, Mexico to southeastern California, southern Nevada and southern Utah, southward into Sonora and northeastern Baja California. Wintering birds occur along the Pacific slope of Mexico as far south as Oaxaca. One of the few cavity-nesting warblers, Lucy’s Warblers most often nest in mesquites, but use a variety of other trees and occasionally, cactus and yuccas. Nest sites include abandoned woodpecker nest holes, old nests constructed by other birds, and a variety of natural cavities.

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