Lucifer Hummingbird Calothorax lucifer

  • © Greg Lavaty

Lucifer Hummingbird ranges from Coahuila, Mexico and the Big Bend Region of extreme western Texas to southeastern Arizona, south to central Mexico. It is generally absent from Mexican states bordering the Gulf of Mexico but occurs in arid parts of extreme western Tamaulipas. An inhabitant of rocky slopes to about 2500 m feet elevation, it often feeds from the flowers of agaves and yuccas. Throughout most of its range both sexes of this medium-sized hummingbird (10 cm length) are distinctive. Note first the rather long, decurved bill. Adult males have a long purple gorget (Calothorax means beautiful chest). The male’s tail is strongly graduated, appearing as a narrow point when he is perched. The female is peach-colored below with a pale line from the back of the eye down the side of the neck.

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