Long-tailed Woodcreeper Deconychura longicauda

  • © Gabriel Leite

On average this is the larger of the two species of Deconychura woodcreepers, and the geographically more widespread, it being found in southern Central America to northwest Colombia, as well as across the greater part of Amazonia. Some authorities have suggested that the first-named population, which is disjunct, smaller sized, and has more distinct spot-like markings below, merits specific status, but this proposal has yet to accrue much support, in part because three song types, each with a geographical basis, are known within the species as whole. The Long-tailed Woodcreeper appears uncommon and local throughout its range, even in Amazonia, where it favors the interior of humid evergreen forest but is only rarely recorded in seasonally flooded areas, and the species is only likely to be detected with some frequency by observers familiar with its vocalizations.

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