Little Woodstar Chaetocercus bombus


The Little Woodstar is a rare hummingbird that is restricted to southwestern Ecuador and northwestern Peru. Woodstars (Chaetocercus) in general are small hummingbirds; the Little Woodstar is a small woodstar, but it is not safely distinguishable in the field by size alone. The gorget of the male is pinkish purple. The rectrices of the male also are very narrow, and most of them are short as well, although the next-to-central pair is long. The distribution of the Little Woodstar species overlaps with that of the White-bellied Woodstar (Chaetocercus mulsant), which has a more purplish gorget, and whiter, less buffy or cinnamon, underparts and supercilium. In Ecuador, the Little Woodstar also may overlap with the Esmeraldas Woodstar (Chaetocercus berlepschi). The IUCN Red List conservation status of the Little Woodstar is rated as Vulnerable. Although the Little Woodstar has a moderately large distribution, it is nowhere common, and its populations appear to be declining.

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