Lined Seedeater Sporophila lineola


The Lined Seedeater is an inhabitant of scrubland and pastureland from Venezuela west to Ecuador and south to Argentina.  Male Lined Seedeaters are black above with a white crown stripe, white malars and a white spot at the base of the primaries.  Females are olive brown above with buffy white on the breast, belly and undertail coverts and yellow flanks.  Female Lined Seedeaters are indistinguishable from female Lesson's Seedeaters (Sporophila bouvronides) in the field.  Lined Seedeaters are usually encountered in grassy areas alone or in small loosely associated groups.  These birds feed predominantly by perching on grass stems and reaching for the seeds.  Lined Seedeaters are austral migrants that move from the south of their range into Northern South America during the winter.

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