Lined Forest-Falcon Micrastur gilvicollis

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The Lined Forest-Falcon is a small forest raptor of the Amazon basin and northern South America. It has gray upperparts, pale underparts with narrow dark barring, yellow fleshy facial skin, long legs, and a long, rounded tail. It is separated from the similar and sympatric Barred (M. ruficollis) and similar but allopatric Cryptic (M. mintoni) and Plumbeous (M. plumbeus) forest-falcons by its distinctive voice as well as the unique combination of white irides and two narrow white tail bands. The call is two-noted, both notes descending, the second slightly higher overall than the first. The Lined Forest-Falcon occurs in tall rainforest, where birds call at dawn and dusk from high in trees but generally hunt in lower forest strata. Its feeding behavior is poorly-documented, but it is known to prey on birds and snakes and occasionally follows army ant swarms. There is no verified nesting record or associated breeding information.


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