Lemon-throated Barbet Eubucco richardsoni

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Confined to western Amazonia, the Lemon-throated Barbet comprises three subspecies that vary, principally in males, in the colour of the head, which is either red or black, with a yellow or blue nape. The rest of the upperparts are olive-green, and the species also has a yellow throat band, red breast, and dark-streaked belly and flanks. The bill is pale. There is a record of apparent hybridization between this species and the Red-headed Barbet (Eubucco bourcierii), based on a specimen from eastern Ecuador. Competition between this species and the partially sympatric Gilded Barbet (Capito auratus) is suspected, at least in some areas. The Lemon-throated Barbet occurs in mainly lowland forests, being most regularly seen at edges and in clearings, and its altitudinal range reaches to almost 1400 m, although it is rarely found much above 1000 m. The species is often found near water. Like most barbets, observers are usually initially alerted to this species’ presence by its low ‘hooting’ song.

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Song (Lemon-throated)

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