La Selle Thrush Turdus swalesi

  • © Rafy Rodriguez

Treated by BirdLife International as Endangered, the La Selle Thrush is a beautifully patterned bird of the highland forests of Hispaniola. Within its insular home, this rather large-bodied thrush species should prove quite unmistakable. It has the head and upperparts slate black, with a white-streaked throat, slate-colored upper breast, red lower breast and flanks, and a white belly; the bill and eye-ring are orange. The La Selle Thrush is still locally fairly common, even in Haiti, where forest destruction has been massive and far-reaching, but everywhere this species is now restricted to upland massifs, above 1300 m, principally in broadleaf forests, but also in pine woodland, provided there is an understory containing broadleaf species. Often very shy, this thrush can feed boldly on tracks and even roads, but it is usually most active very early in the morning and at dusk, and the species rarely sings except at these times.

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