La Sagra's Flycatcher Myiarchus sagrae


The La Sagra’s Flycatcher was named by Johannes Gundlach for Don Ramon de La Sagra, the one-time director of Havana’s Botanical Garden who took a large natural history collection to Paris, where it was worked on by d’Orbigny. The species is distributed from the northern Bahamas (where it is found on six islands) to Cuba, the Isle of Youth and many of the country’s largest offshore cays, and on Grand Cayman. Separate subspecies are found in the Bahamas and over the rest of the species’ range. Throughout its range the La Sagra’s Flycatcher is the only resident Myiarchus flycatcher, making its identification usually straightforward. In terms of altitudinal range, the species is found from sea level to high elevations, and it occurs in a wide variety of wooded habitats. The species was formerly considered conspecific with the Stolid Flycatcher (Myiarchus stolidus) of Jamaica and Hispaniola; these two species’ genetic structure and vocalizations represent an interesting topic for further work.

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