Indigo-winged Parrot Hapalopsittaca fuertesi

  • © Alonso Quevedo Gil

The Indigo-winged Parrot or Fuertes’s Parrot is one of the most threatened Psittacidae in the world, it being considered Critically Endangered by BirdLife International. It is also a highly attractive species, although deforestation has been the cause of this parrot’s ‘downfall’, not illegal trade. A chunky, mainly green parrot, the principal features are the orange-red frontal bar, the yellow forecrown and face, blue rear crown and nape, red shoulder and carpal, and dark bluish primaries. The breast is yellow-olive, there is a variable, red central belly patch, and the tail is red with a violet tip. This parrot is confined to the west slope of the Central Andes in Colombia, where it inhabits temperate cloud forest above 2600 m, and the species is now the subject of a considerable conservation effort. The Indigo-winged Parrot’s scientific name honors one of the ‘greats’ of American bird art, Louis Agassiz Fuertes.

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