Horned Guan Oreophasis derbianus


Horned Guan is a unique member of the Cracid family, living in isolated populations in cloudforests on the highest mountain peaks and volcanoes in Guatemala and the neighboring Mexican state of Chiapas. The total area of occupation has a size of less than 7000 km2. Horned Guans feed on a variety of fruit, flowers, and leaves in the forest canopy, but also on herbs on the ground. The nest is a simple, and for the size of the bird relative small structure made of leaves and roots, placed in the lower to upper forest canopy. Horned Guans move singly, in pairs or family groups through the forest. At times groups of more than 10 birds gather on rich food sources. Horned Guan is classified as Endangered because habitat destruction and hunting are threatening the small populations.

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