Hooded Mountain-Toucan Andigena cucullata

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The secretive behavior and spectactular colors of the four species of the genus Andigena means that it contains perhaps the most sought-after toucans in the neotropics.  Of these, the Hooded Mountain-toucan is arguably the most difficult to see, given its small range within areas that have only recently become more accessible. The Hooded Mountain-toucan is a generally shy resident of epiphyte-laden cloud forest on the east side of the high andes in southeast Peru and northwest Bolivia. Because of its rarity and reclusiveness, movements are not known well, though a number of lower-elevational sightings suggest at least some altitudinal movement in this species. The Hooded Mountain-toucan is a spectacular bird: its long, greenish yellow bill is black tipped with an ovaloid black spot near the base of the mandible. The head is dark blue, with sky-blue bare skin around the eye and a similarly-colored thin partial collar on the nape.  The back is rich chestnut fading to green and yellow, and the underparts are darker green to black with chestnut in the vent.  This species can be most often seen perching or moving silently through the canopy and sub canopy, or can occasionally be heard giving its short, harsh call.

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