Helmeted Curassow Pauxi pauxi


Considered globally Endangered and restricted to northwest Venezuela and northeast Colombia, the Helmeted Curassow is a highly distinctive bird within its comparatively small range. Throughout its range, the population has declined due to a combination of hunting and habitat destruction. Both sexes are mostly black with a greenish and bluish gloss to the mantle and breast, and a white belly, undertail coverts and tail tip, with a bluish casque on the head, and a dull red bill and legs. However, there is also a rare color phase in females, which is mainly rufous-brown, finely barred and vermiculated with black, a blackish head and neck, a blackish tail tipped buffy-white, and a white belly and underparts. The Helmeted Curassow inhabits subtropical cloud forest in montane regions below 2200 m, where it shows a preference for dense vegetation in gorges.

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