Heermann's Gull Larus heermanni



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Breeding adult

Medium-sized bulky gull. Breeding birds are uniquely marked with a dark gray body, a white head, and a red black-tipped bill.

Nonbreeding adult

Nonbreeding adults are gray overall with a darker gray back and a red bill with a black tip.

Nonbreeding adult

Medium-sized gray gull unlike any other gull. Nonbreeding birds have a red bill with a black tip.

First winter

First winter gulls are smooth brown overall with a bicolored bill.


Juveniles have a sooty-brown head and a scalloped looking back. Note heavy bicolored bill.

Breeding adult

Smooth gray overall with a white head, gray rump, and black tail.

First winter

First winter birds are dark brown overall.


Found along beaches, coastal estuaries, harbors, and lagoons. Migrates north, spending the winters along the West coast.

Recommended Citation

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