Gray-hooded Parakeet Psilopsiagon aymara

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The Gray-hooded Parakeet is an attractive little parakeet of the southern Andean highlands. It has a high pitched and animated call note that does not remind one of a parakeet. The piping nature and excited sounding notes remind one of a flock of small passerines rather than a parakeet. This species is a closer relative of the Mountain Parakeet (Psilopsiagon aurifrons), although the Gray-hooded tends to be found in lower elevations than the Mountain, and often in thicker and scrubbier habitats; both take rather arid montane environments. The Gray-hooded Parakeet has a bright white throat which contrasts with the grayish-brown crown, it is bright green above. Below it is grayish-white on the breast and belly, becoming green on the flanks and vent, but there is a bright lemon yellow area on the side of the breast. In many ways this species looks like a miniature version of the Monk Parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus). The Gray-hooded Parakeet is a very small parakeet, with a proportionately long and pointed tail, and short legs, and a rather small and “pushed in” bill. It tends to be found in small flocks, often foraging while perched on various shrubs. Presumably it feeds on a mixture of fruits, buds and perhaps insect prey.

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