Gray-hooded Bush Tanager Cnemoscopus rubrirostris


Gray-hooded Bush Tanager is a fairly common species of Andean subtropical forest. They primarily occur on the eastern slope, but are also found in portions of the western slope. They are often encountered as pairs or small groups in larger mixed-species foraging flocks. They forage in the canopy and midstory by working their way along horizontal branches, from which they glean for insects. Their incessant tail wagging is particularly noticeable, and is an excellent identification feature. Note also the gray hood sharply contrasting the green back and yellow belly. Gray-hooded Bush Tanager has two subspecies: C. r. rubrirostris, occuring in the northern parts of its range, and C. r. chrysogaster, which is limited to Peru. These subspecies differ primarily in bill color: pinkish in rubrirostris and gray in chrysogaster.

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