Gray-breasted Parakeet Pyrrhura griseipectus

  • © Sanjay Veiga

Like the Pfrimer’s Parakeet (Pyrrhura pfrimeri), another recently recognized and globally threatened Brazilian endemic species, the Critically Endangered Gray-breasted Parakeet was formerly considered to be a subspecies of the Maroon-faced Parakeet (Pyrrhura leucotis). Although known historically from four areas in northeast Brazil, due to extensive habitat destruction the Gray-breasted Parakeet is currently extant at just two of these, both in the state of the Ceará, the Serra do Baturité and nearby Quixadá. This attractive parakeet, characterized by its red-brown rump, tail, belly, and shoulders, grayish breast scalloped paler, and plum-red face with white ear coverts, is thought to number than fewer 250 individuals, although it was only very recently rediscovered in the municipality of Quixadá. Throughout these areas, the Gray-breasted Parakeet is confined to montane, humid forest enclaves known locally as ‘brejos’.

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