Gray-backed Hawk Pseudastur occidentalis


Demography and Populations

Global population size of the species has been established between 250 to 999 mature individuals, based on assesment of known records,  description of abundance and range size. This is equivalent to 350 to 1500 individuals (BirdLife International 2016). However, a rapid and ongoing population decline is suspected given the acelerated rate of habitat destruction and fragmentation, particullarly in Ecuador.

Vargas (1995) estimated the population size in Ecuador in 500 couples (of adult individuals). This number was calculated from the average distance of occupied nests, and assumed that distribution of nests in suitable habitat was homogeneus. Population size of the species in the northern portion of the Northwest Biosphere Reserve was estimated, throught a Distance tansect methodology, in 136 individuals with 94% of these ocurriying in forested habitats between 100 to 600 m. Absolute density of the species in the study area was 0.65 individuals per square kilometer. No individuals were detected in dry habitat from 0 to 100 m west of the Amotapes cordillera (Piana 2016).

Recommended Citation

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