Guadalupe Storm-Petrel Oceanodroma macrodactyla



Conservation Status

This formerly abundant species has not been recorded since 1912, despite several subsequent searches, and it may well have been driven extinct by feral cats, with declines compounded by nesting habitat destruction by goats. However, it cannot yet be presumed to be Extinct because there have been no thorough surveys of this difficult-to-detect species. Any remaining population is likely to be tiny, and for these reasons it is treated as Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct). In Mexico it is categorized as a species probably extinct in the wild. Guadalupe island is designated as a Biosphere Reserve. Nearly 35,000 goats were removed in 1970 and 1971, but is now considered that there are still ten thousand. Different organizations have launched programs to completely eradicate the predators. Has also been given a concession to fund the search for this species on the island. Conservation measures proposed include: survey the entire island during the breeding season to ascertain if it is still extant; eradicate introduced predators and herbivores; and restore the vegetation on the island. Birders on pelagic trips off California should be aware of this species and its identification.

Effects of human activity on populations

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Recommended Citation

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