Gray Monjita Xolmis cinereus


The Gray Monjita occupies grasslands from Suriname south through central South America to southeastern Peru and to Argentina.  As the name implies, the Gray Monjita is predominantly gray, with a white supercilium, loral stripe and throat; a black submoustachial stripe; black wings; and a white belly.  The Gray Monjita often perches conspicuously on fences, bushes and wires, dropping to the ground to catch prey.  The Gray Monjita is a fast graceful flier, and has the interesting habit of often flying with its legs dangling.  These flycatchers are well adapted to human disturbance, and are often seen perched in city centers sitting on buildings and television antennae.  Gray Monjitas are mostly resident, but southern populations are migratory during the colder months.

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