Greater Yellowlegs Tringa melanoleuca



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Breeding adult

Slender, long-necked, and small-headed shorebird with bright yellow legs. Breeding birds have heavy barring on the flanks, sometimes extending across the belly.


Slender shorebird with a small head and bright yellow legs. The bill is long and slightly upturned. Juveniles are browner above with crisp markings.

Breeding adult

In flight, note white rump and plain wings.


Juveniles are browner above with crisp markings. Note bright yellow legs and long bill. Stands upright.

Breeding adult

Tall and gangly shorebird with bright yellow legs and a long bill. Breeding birds often have heavily streaked underparts. Stands upright.

Breeding adult

Breeds in wet bogs with small wooded islands, and forests with wet clearings covered with mosses and lichens.


Winters in wide variety of shallow fresh and saltwater habitats.

Recommended Citation

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