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Green Manakin Cryptopipo holochlora

  • © Nick Athanas

Often placed in the genus Chloropipo, like all other species belonging to this group of manakins, the Green Manakin is rather poorly known and infrequently seen. In common with all other members of the genus Xenopipo, with the exception of the Black Manakin (Xenopipo atronitens), the sexes are virtually alike in this species. The Green Manakin’s overall range stretches from eastern Panama to extreme southeastern Peru, and it inhabits the undergrowth and lower midstorey of humid, principally terra firme forest in the foothills and lowlands. The Green Manakin perhaps regularly visits forest borders, at least seasonally, in parts of the species’ range, especially when certain favored trees are fruiting. It has been speculated that two species might be involved, on the west and east slopes of the Andes. Like most of its congenerics, very little is known of the ecology and behavior of this manakin.

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