Great Kiskadee Pitangus sulphuratus




Both male and female are involved in territory defense and are very aggressive towards conspecifics (Llambías and Ferretti 2003). Pairs remain in their territory year-round.

Sexual Behavior

The social mating system is monogamy, with biparental care. Both sexes built the nest and feed the young, but only the fermale incubates. (Llambias and Ferretti 2003).Pairs are residents and remind in their terriroies year-round, suggeting long-term monogamy. Both sexes are very agresive towards conspecific and defend the territory toghether.

Social and interspecific behavior

Known to steal nesting material from nests, food from foraging adults and predates both on eggs and nestlings of several passerine species. Mobs large predatory birds

Recommended Citation

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