Grenada Dove Leptotila wellsi



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Distribution of the Grenada Dove
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Distribution in the Americas

Endemic to Grenada. Historically, it was more widespread in coastal areas and possibly offshore islands. The species has now been limited to two isolated areas of secondary dry forest, one in the southwest on and adjacent to the Mt. Hartman Estate, and a second on the west coast, around the Perseverance Dove Sanctuary and the Beausejour Estate.

Distribution outside the Americas

Endemic to Grenada.


Grenada Dove inhabits dry, coastal woodland in the southwest of Grenada, where there is a dense canopy of thorny trees and shrubs around three to six meters high, usually with bare ground underneath. On the coast, where there is more rainfall, the Grenada dove’s habitat is slightly less dry, with some deciduous and evergreen trees.

Historical changes

The Grenada dove is classified as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List with a declining population of approximately 130 individuals, roughly equivalent to 87 mature individuals.

Recommended Citation

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