Grenada Dove Leptotila wellsi



Only one active Grenada Dove nest has been documented (Blockstein 1991). The nest was located at Halifax Harbor in a palm frond 4 m above the ground.

Blockstien (1991) noted:
"On 1 January I saw a male singing from the frond. On 22 January Elizabeth Niles saw a dove get onto the frond, which I realised harboured a nest. The egg or eggs had not hatched when I left on 27 January. Niles and Murrell continued to check the nest. On 13 February they observed a nestling, which was a week or less old, based on their description of its downy feathers and inability to stand upright. On 16 February the nest was still active, but empty on 20 February. It is unknown whether there had been more than one egg or nestling or whether any young had fledged."

Recommended Citation

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