Green Aracari Pteroglossus viridis

  • © Michel Giraud-Audine

Like all aracaris, this species is a brightly plumaged bird, principally clad in green and yellow, but with a black head, red rump, and, above all, an amazingly colored bill. Unlike most congeners, there are no bands across the underparts. The Green Aracari is found only in northeast South America, from eastern Venezuela and the Guianas across northern Brazil east of the Rio Negro and north of the Amazon. It inhabits most types of lowland forest, including those on sandy soils. This toucan feeds on a wide variety of different fruits, and usually forages in pairs or small groups. The nest is usually placed in an old woodpecker hole, often high above the ground, with the result that most of our knowledge concerning this species’ breeding biology comes from studies of birds in captivity.

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