Gorgeted Wood-Quail Odontophorus strophium

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This Colombian endemic was until recently considered to be Critically Endangered; it has since been ‘downlisted’ to Endangered as its range is now known to be wider than formerly thought. Nevertheless, the species’ population is obviously still declining and is still confined to a relatively small number of localities on the west slope of the East Andes. The Gorgeted Wood-Quail inhabits humid subtropical and temperate forests dominated by oak and laurel. It has been definitely recorded only at elevations of 1,750–2,050 m, but the species may be more widespread than this. Although probably largely dependent on primary forest, this wood-quail has also been recorded in degraded areas and tall second growth. Mainly rufous and brown over the body and wings, respectively, the Gorgeted Wood-Quail is characterized by the short, blackish-brown crest and ear-coverts, black-and-white face, black throat and chest, and white collar over the lower throat. This wood-quail forages for fruit and arthropods, and the breeding season appears to coincide with peaks in annual rainfall in March–May and September–November.

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