Golden-green Woodpecker Piculus chrysochloros


Over its broad range, which encapsulates much of the northern two-thirds of South America, except the Andes, the Golden-green Woodpecker is represented by some nine subspecies, and these differ reasonably markedly in their size and plumage, especially their head and underparts patterns. The Golden-green Woodpecker is basically olive-green above with a red crown and malar (lacking in females, in which these tracts are green), separated by a long yellow moustachial stripe, and some subspecies possess a yellow throat, while the underparts are variably barred dark and pale. It is found in a variety of lowland forested habitats, including both terra firme and seasonally flooded areas in Amazonia, and the species appears to be not uncommon in many areas, but comparatively little has been published concerning the Golden-green Woodpecker’s ecology and behavior. It forages both alone and in pairs, and seems to be a regular constituent of mixed-species flocks, at least in some areas.

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