Golden-fronted Woodpecker Melanerpes aurifrons

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BNA Account Authors: Husak, Michael S., and Terry C. Maxwell

A sedentary species whose distribution straddles the temperate and tropical regions of Middle America, the Golden-fronted Woodpecker ranges into the United States only to Texas and southwestern Oklahoma. Exhibiting complex geographic variation, this woodpecker is composed of 3 to 4 distinct but intergrading groups of subspecies. Earlier in the twentieth century the subspecies themselves were considered separate species. Only the nominate race occurs north of Mexico.

Throughout its limited U.S. range the Golden-fronted Woodpecker is a species of the dry brushlands and semiopen woodlands of the southern plains. The greatest density of this species in the United States is in the mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) brushlands of south Texas. It is often common and calls loudly, hence a conspicuous species. Its appearance, behavior, and vocalizations are similar to those of the closely related Red-bellied Woodpecker (M. carolinus), with which it hybridizes.

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