Golden-collared Toucanet Selenidera reinwardtii

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The Golden-collared Toucanet is an extremely fancy-looking species of small toucan in the genus Selenidera. It is found widespread in lowland forest through western Amazonia from eastern Ecuador and southern Colombia south through eastern Peru and western Brazil. It does not overlap with other species within this genus. The plumage of this toucan is quite stunning and distinct. The male is black below, and on the head, green above, red undertail coverts, with a bright yellow cheek. The bill is bright red with a dark tip, and the facial skin is blue-green. It also has a bright yellow collar, from which it gets its name, but can be relatively difficult to see. Females are equally gaudy, but have all the black replaced by rich chestnut. Calls of the male are very distinct, resembling a stomach growling, repeated several times, “grrrrr-grrrrr-grrrrr-grrrrr-grrrrr.” Like other species of Selenidera toucans, males “swish” their bodies up and down while calling. They are mainly found in the canopy of terra firme forest in the lowlands, but range up into the lower foothills of the Andes. It is replaced west of the Andes by the similar Yellow-eared Toucanet (Selenidera spectabilis), and in the Guianan Shield region by Tawny-tufted Toucanet (Selenidera nattereri), which is also quite similar. Forages mainly on fruit, and most easily seen from a canopy platform or walkway.

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