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Golden-chevroned Tanager Thraupis ornata



Geographic Variation

Monotypic (Isler and Isler 1987).

Related Species

The Golden-chevroned Tanager, Thraupis ornata, is a member of the tanager family (Thraupidae) and belongs to a clade known as the “core tanagers” (subfamily Thraupinae) that includes 122 species and 22 genera, including Thraupis and Tangara (Burns et al. 2014). Within Thraupis, DNA sequence data shows that T. ornata is the sister taxon to the Palm Tanager, Thraupis palmarum (Sedano and Burns 2010, Burns et al. 2014). The genus Thraupis contains eight extant species, seven of which have been sampled genetically (Sedano and Burns 2010, Burns et al. 2014). Thraupis glaucocolpa has not been sampled, and Thraupis cyanocephala is only distantly related to the other Thraupis species. The remaining Thraupis species, including the Golden-chevroned Tanager, form a monophyletic group (Burns et al. 2014). However, this clade is deeply embedded in the genus Tangara; therefore, Burns et al. (2014) suggest that these species be included within Tangara.

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