Golden-crowned Sparrow Zonotrichia atricapilla



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Photos from this Account

Breeding adult

Large sparrow with long tail and fairly small, grayish bill. Distinctive gray face with black cap and yellow crown patch.

Nonbreeding adult

Large, plump sparrow with long tail and grayish bill. In nonbreeding plumage, breast is mottled gray-brown, and yellow crown stripe is smaller and duller.


Large, plump sparrow with long tail. Immatures have broad rusty stripes on the cap with a yellowish stripe in the middle of the crown.

Breeding adult

Large, plump sparrow with grayish bill. Back is brown streaked with blackish. Bold black stripes on the side of the crown, with yellow stripe confined to the top of the head.


Breeds among dense shrubs at edge of tundra and forest, or at treeline. Winters in shrubby thickets, chaparral, parks, gardens, and other open areas.

Recommended Citation

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