Flavescent Warbler Myiothlypis flaveola

  • © Luciano Marra

The Flavescent Warbler has a strangely discontinuous distribution. The main part of its range extends from eastern Bolivia and Paraguay east across central Brazil, but there also are isolated populations in northern Colombia, Venezuela, and Guyana.  The Flavescent Warbler is olive above with a short narrow eyestripe, blackish loral stripe and bright golden yellow underparts. These warblers are found in semideciduous and gallery forest, where they forage forages by hopping or walking on or near the ground, sometimes joining mixed species flocks.  They also sweep the tail from side to side, much like the Riverbank Warbler (Phaeothlypis rivularis). The Flavescent Warbler is most often attracts attention to itself with its loud, rapid song.

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