Falkland Steamer-Duck Tachyeres brachypterus

  • Falkland Steamer-Duck male
  • © David Cook

As would be expected from its name, this flightless duck is endemic to the Falklands, where it inhabits low-lying coastal areas and relatively nearby ponds. Its plumage is predominantly gray and white, and very similar to that of the Flying Steamer-Duck (Tachyeres patachonicus), which also occurs in the archipelago, albeit much less commonly. Unfortunately for field identification purposes, the relative flight capabilities of the two species are rarely useful to differentiate them, so observers need to concentrate on the heavier neck, shorter wings and tail, stouter bill of the flying species. The Falkland Steamer-Duck apparently nests virtually year-round, although most clutches are initiated between September and December.

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© Maurice A. E Rumboll

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