Dusky-chested Flycatcher Myiozetetes luteiventris

  • © Bruno RennĂ³

Currently placed in the genus Myiozetetes, the Dusky-chested Flycatcher has undergone an unsettled taxonomic history, being also consistently placed in the genus Tyrannopsis with the Sulphury Flycatcher (Tyrannopsis sulphurea) over the years. This is the smallest member of the Myiozetetes, and the species is usually found in pairs or small groups, and sometimes with mixed-species flocks, nearly always in the canopy, where it is easily overlooked without knowledge of its voice, especially given that the Dusky-chested Flycatcher looks much like most other Myiozetetes, except for the lack of any white supercilium. Exclusively Amazonian in distribution, the Dusky-chested Flycatcher occurs from southern Venezuela and southeast Colombia south to northwest Bolivia, and east to the Guianas and east Amazonian Brazil.

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© Curtis Marantz

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