Dusky-backed Jacamar Brachygalba salmoni

  • © Erik Mølgaard

The Dusky-backed Jacamar has a tiny range on the border between Colombia and Panama, where the species seems to be, at most, only locally common, although it is not treated as globally threatened. The bird’s plumage is predominantly greenish black above, becoming glossier over the breast, with a browner crown, a white throat and cheeks (buff in females), and cinnamon-colored below. Like other jacamars, this species prefers somewhat disturbed areas, with clearings, gaps, and forest edges constituting typical habitat, where the Dusky-backed Jacamar is typically found in pairs or small family groups, the birds chasing winged insects from exposed, high perches, or even from low bushes.

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© Linda Macaulay

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