Dotted Tanager Ixothraupis varia



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Distribution of the Dotted Tanager
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Distribution in the Americas

The Dotted Tanager is located in in southern Venezuela in the Amazonas and south Bolivar areas; in Brazil, it can be found along the Rio Negro and Lower Tapajos regions. 19th century records indicate its presence in French Guiana and Suriname, only in certain localities in both (Isler and Isler 1987); this species has also been recorded in northeastern Peru (Schulenberg 2010). The species ranges in elevation from the Lowlands to a maximum of 300 meters in height (Perlo 2009). Zoogeographic regions included for the Dotted Tanager include: Northern Amazonia and Southern Amazonia with a center of abundance in the Lower Tropical region.

Distribution outside the Americas

Endemic to the Americas


The Dotted Tanager has been recorded in Tropical Zones in humid forests, edges, second growth, and clearing along rivers (Restall et al. 2007). The species can be found in plantations, subtropical/tropical heavily degraded former forest, with its major habitat being composed of subtropical/tropical moist lowland (BirdLife International 2014). Tropical lowland evergreen forest is their primary habitat, the secondary is composed mainly of forest(Parker et al. 1996).

Historical changes

The Dotted Tanager is suspected to be in decline due to deforestation in the Amazon (BirdLife International 2014)

Recommended Citation

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