Crested Quail-Dove Geotrygon versicolor

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The Crested Quail-dove is a distinctive and striking terrestrial dove of densely-vegetated forest on the island of Jamaica. While the two-part song is heard more often than the bird is seen, the Crested Quail-dove can regularly be seen along the sides of gulleys  in intact montane forest. When seen, this species will generally run or fly, but will sometimes freeze on the ground or on a low perch, allowing for extremely close and extended views.  This species is very distinctive when seen well: it is large for a Geotrygon, and has a large, plush gray crest on a gray head. It has purple-rufous upperparts and reddish primaries and secondaries, with greenish tertials and rectrices. The Crested Quail-dove is threatened by habitat loss, as it inhabits intact forest in an area popular for coffee plantations, which it will generally eschew.

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