Crimson-hooded Manakin Pipra aureola

  • © Michel Giraud-Audine

The Crimson-hooded Manakin is the northeasternmost representative of the genus Pipra, although the species ranges south and west from the eastern Guianan Shield to south-central Amazonia. This species forms a superspecies with the Band-tailed Manakin (Pipra fasciicauda) and the Wire-tailed Manakin (Pipra filicauda), all of which replace each other geographically, and they are united by their similar plumage, vocalisations and displays, while recent genetic data suggest that these three species might be the sole representatives of the genus Pipra. The male is a stunningly beautiful bird, which has the crown to breast crimson-red, a variable orange-yellow forehead band merging almost imperceptibly into the red of the ear coverts, while the rest of the body, the wings and tail are velvety black. The Crimson-hooded Manakin is principally found in swampy and seasonally flooded forests, as well as tangled gallery woodland along watercourses and dry to moist semideciduous woodland in hilly areas.

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