Clay-colored Sparrow Spizella pallida



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Petite, trim sparrow with a small bill, slender body, and fairly long, notched tail. Mostly a pale, tan-and-gray bird with a contrasting face pattern. The pale gray collar is a helpful mark at all times of year.

Petite sparrow with a small bill. The broad, buffy eyebrow, pale area in front of the eye, pale mustache, and gray collar are good field marks. Note pale central crown stripe.

Small sparrow with a small bill. Note broad buffy eyebrow, pale mustache, and gray collar.

Petite sparrow with a small bill. Note pale area in front of the eye and gray collar.

At the eastern edge of their range, look for them in Christmas tree farms and grassy areas with short, scattered conifers.

Breeds in shrublands, field edges, and thickets across the northern prairies. Winters in desert grasslands, upland plains, thorn scrub, fields, and brushy hillsides.

Small sparrow with a tan cheek patch and broad buffy eyebrow. Note unstreaked belly.

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