Cinnamon Woodpecker Celeus loricatus

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The Cinnamon Woodpecker is a rather small member of the genus Celeus, with a cinnamon-colored crest, and ranges from Nicaragua south along the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica and Panama to the Pacific slope of Colombia and northwestern Ecuador. It is brightly plumaged cinnamon rufous above, with fine black bars, and white below with sharp black chevrons. As with other species in the genus, males differ by having a red flicker-like moustache, and a brighter yellow bill. In Central America, overlaps with the Chestnut-colored Woodpecker (Celeus castaneus), which has a paler rufous crest, and dark chesnut underparts with black chevrons. Cinnamon prefers the canopy of tall forest, while Chestnut-colored is more likely to be found in secondary woodland and at the edge of clearings. Cinnamon also ranges higher in elevation into the foothills. In South America, the Cinnamon Woodpecker is the only Celeus on the Pacific slope, and likewise is found from the lowland forests up into the lower foothills along the west slope of the Andes. Most other South American Celeus are Amazonian in distribution. The call is rather unique ringing “peee-peee-pew-pu,” quite different from Chestnut-colored. Like other Celeus woodpeckers, it is known to forage on ants and termites.

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