Cinereous Tyrant Knipolegus striaticeps


The Cinereous Tyrant is a dark, lowland flycatcher of central South America.  Distributed in and around the chaco, it is found in woodland and open habitats in northern Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and the southwestern edge of Brazil below 1000 meters in elevation.  Overall males are black with red irides, two gray wingbars, gray lower underparts, and gray outer webs to the outer tail feathers.  Females are olive-brown above with rufous on the crown, nape, and uppertail coverts, white lores and two white wingbars, and blackish tail with rufous on the inner webs of the feathers.  Cinereous Tyrant is typically found alone or in pairs, actively twitching the tail and gleaning insects from bush and tree tops.

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